Y-Tamin "C"


Mechanism of Action:

a)This feed supplement acts as antioxidant, and helps in hormone synthesis.

b)It is very essential for bone calcification, and improves hair coat condition in horses.

c)It fastens wound healing and prevents hemorrhage. 

d)The supplementation of Vitamin C reduces epitaxis, which is bleeding of the nose


Y-Tamin "E"


Mechanism of Action:-

a)It is a powerful antioxidant, essential for growth and muscle development.

b)Vitamin E strengthens the immune system and improves membrane integrity.

c)Helps In intracellular respiration. 

d)Provides oxygen transport and provides red blood cell stability.



Feeding Guide Thoroughbred and Standard bred horses in work - 0.5g per kg          bodyweight per day (200g for a 400kg horse).Poorly conditioned horses and poor milking broodmares - 1g per kg bodyweight per day (400g for a 400kg horse). Recuperating, ill or injured horses - 1.5g - 2 g per kg bodyweight per day (600g to 800g for a 400kg horse).


Presentation :

1 kg powder in a bucket