Pentorse is used in the treatment of lameness and pain of osteoarthritis as well as related musculoskeletal disorders which is one of the most common conditions seen in race horses


Mechanism of Action:

a. Pentorse actively overturns the effects of osteoarthritis in the joints by improving cartilage and fluid quality.

b. It inhibits destructive enzymes and provides anti-inflammatory effect.

c. It increases the blood supply to the joints, thus ensures faster mobility and enhanced functioning of the joints



Intra-Muscular Dose: 3 mg/kg Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium at 5 - 7 day intervals for 4 injections. i.e. 6 mL (1 vial) Pentorse for a 500 kg horse every 5 - 7 days for 4 doses. Intra-Articular Dose: 250 mg Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium by aseptic technique once weekly for up to 4 injections. i.e. 1 mL (1/6 vial) Pentorse per joint once weekly for up to 4 doses.


Presentation :

6 mL sterile glass vial of Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium 250 mg/mL. Each vial provides one IM dose (1500 mg) for a 500 kg horse at the recommended dose rate of 3 mg/kg.



Store at 2? C - 8? C (Refrigerate. Do not freeze). Protect from light.